Malware, Ransomware, and Poor Life Choices

By now we have all heard about the WannaCry Ransomware attack of last week, that affected thousands of computers worldwide. It was stopped by a security expert, who was fortunate to do some digging and put a stopgap in place. This is not a permanent fix for the virus, nor does it mean you're no longer at risk. Your computing platform of choice can be compromised regardless of the brand name.


NelsonWerks has added a new branch to its business! Aerial Imagery! Over the next couple months I will be networking and getting this new exiting area of business started. I am now a fully licensed and insured commercial UAS Operator. For those that don't know, both those things are now required to operate for profit, or even to promote your own business. The FAA is starting to ramp up enforcement of unlicensed 'commercial' operators.

iPhone 7 Review

I have now had the iPhone 7 for just over a month, and have definitely formed some thoughts and opinions. There is so much h negative press online these days. People love to complain, and yes, Apple has definitely made some 'brave' decisions recently, but one this is for certain, the sky is not falling.

Network Attached Storage - The Private Cloud

When the worst happens, your computer dies, or your Time Machine backup is corrupted, you're screwed. If you haven't archived your files anywhere else, in an organized manner, your data could be lost for good. If it is on someone else's cloud service, it could also be lost. What if that service got hacked? What if their servers crash and you lose client files? These horrible happenings can be protected against with a NAS drive on your home network