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iPad Pro Review

Is it a laptop? No. Is it handy? Absolutely. Can it be a laptop replacement? Well, yes, but only if you approach it with the right frame of mind, patience, and an accessory or two. The iPad Pro is a surprisingly adept piece of gear at filling the gap between desktop and mobile computing. It has been much maligned for its lack of ports, no built-in physical keyboard, and some other minor quibbles. In the big picture, it is really a powerful, minimalistic mobile tool, that could be essential in freeing up your work and correspondence life.

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‘Coming Soon’! - Translating Apple’s WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference has come and gone. Only the nerds really care, but I have taken it upon myself to watch, digest, and translate all of the announcements for you. It was just software announced this year, but it is the most major round of software updates in a long time. All of what they announced will affect you and your devices. So, if you care to know how things will change for you in a couple months, keep reading :) 

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