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Christmas List

Black Friday is upon us!!! ... really it has been for the past week or so, but for those that want to get out and fight fellow humans for deals on Friday, I’ll leave it to you, and shop on Monday. I thought that this year, I should put together a Christmas list, not one for myself, but a list of reminders of some products, and links to them, that you and yours might be interested in ... should you love tech and gadgets. 

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NelsonWerks has added a new branch to its business! Aerial Imagery! Over the next couple months I will be networking and getting this new exiting area of business started. I am now a fully licensed and insured commercial UAS Operator. For those that don't know, both those things are now required to operate for profit, or even to promote your own business. The FAA is starting to ramp up enforcement of unlicensed 'commercial' operators.

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With all the hubbub going on in the internet security world, it is a good thing to review your security setup for your various online accounts. In particular, iCloud and Gmail have some features that you need to enable in order to use. They will save you a lot of headaches down the road, and protect your account from getting hacked.

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