Why Not To Get The iPhone X


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Apple fan, but I will not be getting the iPhone X, and here’s why ...

1. Cost

Apple introduced three new devices, one which looks the same, one that has an amazing camera, and the other which is a look at where the future is headed. My first reason comes down to cost. As a fan of the Apple Upgrade Plan, or iUP ... as my friend Kyle Williams refers to it, the X will cost between $15-20 more per month. To purchase, the 64GB model really won’t suit any power user’s storage needs, so everyone will have to opt for the larger storage capacity if you want room to do anything on the phone. More storage capacity therefore brings a higher cost.

2. Technology

Not everyone wants to upgrade their phone every year, some like to buy and then hold onto the phone to save some money over the long haul. In my opinion, if you fit in that category, this is not the iPhone for you.  

I think that the Apple X is where the future form factory is heading, and that the iPhone 8 is the last vestige, and most optimized, of the iPhone as we know it today. But, if you look under the skin of the phone, aside from an OLED screen and Face ID, the iPhone 8 sports all the same hardware, chipset, and an upgraded LED screen. I have a 10.5” iPad Pro with the same LED screen, and it looks amazing. Even if you ‘settle’ for the iPhone 8, like I will, your experience will still be a major upgrade from your 5, 6, 7, or whatever else you have.

Face ID is new technology, unproven, and debatably more convenient than Touch ID, which has really just finally come into it’s own over the last year or so. While cutting edge technology is fun to use, this one will have some major growing pains over the coming year. In it’s defense, you will hear people disparaging this technology for security reasons, but, it has already been proven more reliable, even in its infancy, than similar tech on other platforms.  

Then there is wireless charging. BOTH the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X have it. So, to not purchase the X doesn’t mean that you are giving up on the convenience of this feature. Android phones have had wireless charging for awhile, but at least Apple is adopting their own twist on Qi charging tech, an industry standard, which is refreshing for a change (ie. lightning connectors, etc.). Once the wireless charging is enabled, this means a wide variety of compatible devices already exist, and are widely available. Pairing this wireless charging with some AirPods 2, and you’ll have a nice, neat charging area at home. The Apple AirPower charging mat isn’t available until next year, but since the Qi technology is already out there, compatible products already exist.

3. Availability

The iPhone X isn’t even shipping yet, nor is it even available to preorder. There have been delays, and unless you are in the first round of preorders, some news outlets are saying that it could be months before you get your fancy new phone. The iPhone 8 will be available sooner, with more reliable Touch ID, and all the most important upgrades minus and OLED screen.

4. The Future

The coming year or two will bring mainstream to many Apple Products, what have been features on Android phones for awhile now. Apple just made huge investments in LG OLED tech, flash memory companies, and has a sapphire glass plant in the US. Rolling all these things out to their lineup takes time, because of the millions and millions of Apple devices out in the world already. The cellular chips in the phones also don’t support the newest 600 MHz frequencies that are being rolled out this year among the wireless carriers, T-Mobile most notably.

Again, this is only reading the tea leaves, but I think that we are currently witnessing a fork in the road, as I said before. With the business moves mentioned above, and suddenly a premium phone in apple’s lineup, Apple’s design philosophy is evolving. This is not the time to ‘invest’ in a cutting edge Apple device, like the iPhone X. 

... Prediction

I will be waiting until next year to get the top of the line iPhone. My hopes are that the price will be better, but if not, will include more features and far sturdier tech that make the price more worthwhile. The whole range of phones could even have both Face and Touch ID. They were trying to integrate both this year, but failed in development. 

Next year’s iPhones will all have new cellular chipsets that work with all of the available spectrum from network providers. They will have more storage options. And, if my dreams come true, there could be OLED screens on all of the iPhones since LG will be supplying them for Apple instead of Samsung. 

In conclusion, do what you want. It’s your money and patience. But, if you’re looking for a phone that can live with you now, and give you an upgraded experience, the iPhone 8 is your best bet. If you’re looking for a phone that can live with you for a long time, wait until next year’s flagship phone.


- NW