Christmas List

Black Friday is upon us!!! ... really it has been for the past week or so, but for those that want to get out and fight fellow humans for deals on Friday, I’ll leave it to you, and shop on Monday. I thought that this year, I should put together a Christmas list, not one for myself, but a list of reminders of some products, and links to them, that you and yours might be interested in ... should you love tech and gadgets. 

Apple TV 4k

Why? Yes, Apple devices are awesome, but this one is a great choice for the streaming aficionado in your life. It allows you to stream in the highest resolution available, acts as a hub for all your Homekit devices, mirrors your displays, and so much more! Since this is the newest, and the Apple TV is something that Apple has only updated every few years, it's actually a decent investment that you won't immediately regret next year :)


I like Apple things. But, CarPlay is a game changer. I will not own a car without it now, it is just that handy. Like everything tech, it has quirks and its share of naysayers. Where CarPlay shines though, is the ability to streamline your communication, provide maps, and allows access straight to some of your favorite streaming an music apps, without having to use a garbage software suite, like the one in some unnamed manufacturers from Japan. The link above is to a site that sells a selection of aftermarket ways to add CarPlay or Android auto to your current set of wheels, or someone else's!


This handy little device provides peace of mind, for those travelers and security freaks in your life. I have several Tiles, and they have come in handy more than once. I just them to track my bag, and photography gear. The nice thing about Tile, as a service, is that even if you are out of bluetooth range of your device, the worldwide network of Tile users can help you find your device. If there is another user in the vicinity, your Tile will essentially bounce a signal off their device, and back to yours. That is a gross oversimplification, but there you go. Read up on more uses and features on their website.

DJI Spark

DJI is the world leader in consumer drones for a reason. They have been called the 'Apple of Drones', and that's not wrong. Even Apple sells their drones in their store. I use DJI products professionally, but this tiny drone is capable, fun, under $1,000, and much easier to use, thanks to DJI, than any other brand of consumer level drone out there. Seriously, if you're looking at drones in this price range, get one made my DJI. Their software wins the day.

Anker PowerCore

This is another winner. You never know how useful carrying around a massive power bank is, until you are desperate. It's like water in a desert, especially on the road. When was the last time in a coffee shop or airport that the only outlet available was already taken, or you just couldn't bring yourself to sit close enough to someone else in order to use it? Probably often. Either way, with this baby, you win. It quick charges any brand of phone, tablet, or USB-charging computer. The power reserve is enough to keep one phone charged for days. Seriously, even if you're the only one that you know might use it, put it in your own stocking. You'll thank me later.

NelsonWerks Gift Card

Shameless self advertising. There are those in your life that need some tech help. If they don't have kids in their lives to help them, or have some more complex problems, this would be a kind way to get them the help they need, and they wouldn't even have to leave their house, or deal with customer service for hours. If you want to order one, but have a question about hourly rates (which the prices correlate to), or to estimate time for a project, drop me a line or email.

Have an excellent Holiday season!

- Hans