NelsonWerks has added a new branch to its business! Aerial Imagery! Over the next couple months, I will be networking and getting this new exiting area of business started. I am now a fully licensed and insured commercial UAS Operator. For those that don't know, both those things are now required to operate for profit, or even to promote your own business. The FAA is starting to ramp up enforcement of unlicensed 'commercial' operators.

I have years of experience in the entertainment and digital media creation world. Now, I'll be bringing that skill set over into the realm of aerial imagery and UAS operation. Competitive rates, flexible scheduling, and professional workflow are what will help set NelsonWerks apart from other operators. I have worked in the Nashville community for my entire life, and hope to keep doing so.

Real Estate, Commercial Inspections, Land Surveys, and other creative pursuits are just a few of the possibilities in the ever-expanding market of Drone / Unmanned Aerial System operation. If you have any need for aerial imagery, or know someone that does, please don't hesitate to get in touch! 

- NW