Annual Mac Checkup

Happy New Year!

Schedule Your Annual Mac Checkup

Is your Mac running slower than you would like? Does it have some holiday weight to lose? After all, those videos, photos, audio files, and other bits add up after awhile, making it harder for your Mac to perform at its best.

  • Clean Up Your Mac
  • Defragment HD
  • Free Up HD Space
  • Delete Duplicate Files
  • Better Performance

NelsonWerks is running a special Mac checkup and drive optimization for the rest of January. $50.00 gets your Mac a drive cleaning, system check, and a thorough inspection to make sure that it's performing at it's best. NelsonWerks uses the same tools as Apple ProCare, but without the trip to the Genius Bar.

Have a great 2014!

- Hans Nelson

Disk Checkup 300.png