Galaxy S4 Nexus

So, I did it. 

That's really all that needs to be said. Google enticed me away from my iPhone 5, and I'm not upset. Apple, goes through cycles of innovation and lack of vision. At the moment, their vision is a bit foggy, so I decided to see what the other side of the fence looked like. And it looks like this:


In that picture are two things that the iPhone lacks, but which are big news. MicroSD and a normal sized SIM card. One of these things can be gotten around with an adapter, the other, for some reason, the iPhone just simply doesn't have. These two things are not really news to long-time Android users, but for one migrating from an iPhone, they are a huge deal. Being able to have all my data back itself up daily to the SD card is awesome. Also, having an unlocked phone again, for the first time in years, makes me not want to go back to a subsidized phone again. 

Android is a different beast from iOS though. And it has it's pitfalls. First off, it is not nearly as user-friendly. Since I am a bit of a tech nerd, it was no problem, but for a non-techy person, it could be a real problem. Though, with a bit of time spent and some patience, anyone can get to know the OS and make their phone serve them in ways that the iPhone only dreams of. 

Apple's mantra has been 'safety first'. An OS that doesn't crash, separate data, separate apps, and a firm set of rules. Android doesn't always have those things, but it's getting better!! With some powerful apps, like Tasker, and some nerding, my phone now has all the functions, that I might have missed from iOS, and even more.  Google Now, Nav, Maps, etc. all integrate seamlessly and provide a very user-friendly environment. Their services let you do much more, with less hassle than iOS. ... and with Google's clever 'Music Manager' application for your Mac, you don't even miss your iTunes or it's playlists. #genius

The large drawback to Android is that you don't have the amazing ecosystem of apps that Apple's App Store provides, but developers are getting there. And, most Apps that you pay good money for on one platform can easily be found in the Play Store as well. Another shortcoming, that was remedied only days ago, was that Apple TV is such an amazing integration of your media devices. But, Google's clever timing has just nullified at least half of Apple TV's functionality with a device that only costs $35, Google Chromecast. Which I will be reviewing shortly. It is a cross-platform streaming solution for iPhone and Android. 

I will continue to explore and post updates when I can. But so far, Android has won my nerdy brain over for a good long while. I still have my iPad, because it's apps can't be matched. But for all other communication, Android wins hands down.

 - Hans