New Year!

So, let's be honest. Most of us have received new gadgets recently. Whether they were a legitimate 'business expense' or a Christmas present, they now exist in our lives and need to be dealt with. For a few years, I've been helping people solve their tech woes, and recently realized that I could turn it into a fun business on the side, and still be free to pursue all my music opportunities and other projects.

In this era of ever-increasing interconnectivity and shiny things, there is bound to be some confusion. NelsonWerks has been created to be a very affordable solution for those looking for some help that requires a bit more time than you can get in your local Apple Store. Computer upgrades, home network problems, keeping your devices up to date, and making sure you get the most out of them is something that not everyone has the time to do on their own, and doesn't want to pay out the nose to accomplish. That's where I can help :)

NelsonWerks also provides affordable website & blog design and management. I know that most individuals and business don't have huge budgets to spend on websites these days, but NelsonWerks can help you find a solution that fits your budget and takes some stress off your shoulders as well.

If you have any questions, please get in touch! I look forward to hearing from you.

- Hans Nelson

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