tech consulting, mac repair, and general tech plumbing

Tech Consulting and Control

  • Mac and PC Hardware Upgrades

  • Data Recovery Services

  • Wifi Network Installation and Optimization

  • Software Training

  • Workflow Optimization

  • NAS (Network Area Storage) System Installation

  • audio playback rig design and construction

  • tech solutions consulting

Do you feel overwhelmed by your Tech?

For years, NelsonWerks has installed, upgraded, and trained clients on their personal and business tech. Whether it is for studio, personal use, or just a long-standing problem that you would like solved, please get in touch. NelsonWerks doesn't just work on Macs and iPhones, but home studios and Wifi network issues as well. NelsonWerks also provides computer maintenance, drive optimization, data recovery, remote IT services, and helps set up and transfer backups for your Mac, so that your data is protected. 

Did you just purchase a new Apple computer or other tech for your home? The Apple Store doesn't do home set-up or house calls, but NelsonWerks does! Setting your tech up right the first time insures that you enjoy your investment and helps avoid frustration later on.

Sometimes the answer is a simple one, other times it definitely is not. Either way, NelsonWerks can help. When your tech ecosystem works for instead of against you, it’s a beautiful thing.

- Hans

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Thank you, for creating the best possible working environment. It is amazing to take part in business, education, and family communications so efficiently. Keeping in touch ONLY happens if the devices are talking to each other. The insights you have brought and suggestions of hardware have all worked out perfectly!
— Linda
You were a huge help to our family in helping set up our mac ... We had a long list of things we needed help with and you were on top of all problems, and speedy as well. You will be our first call with any future Mac needs.
— Janet