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Take your business to the next level!

The web is a wonderful tool for promotion, networking, and attracting new business. NelsonWerks has been supplying custom Squarespace websites, logo design, and graphics for years. A website or blog speaks volumes more about your brand and business than a generic Facebook page, and allows a level of ad-free personalization that lends a professional edge to any business or individual. 

Why Choose NelsonWerks?

  • 20% off Squarespace annual fees the first year

  • 6-Month site build time with no fees

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Mobile site formatting

  • Customized site layouts

  • Paywall / Member-Only site areas

  • Online commerce

It has never been easier to have an online presence for yourself and your products. Whether it's a retail, portfolio, or personal website, NelsonWerks can find a custom, creative, and scaleable solution for you and your business. 

- Hans

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Absolute top notch.
— Rebekah
Hans appreciates great art and music. He will do fine work for you!
— William
Hans Rules!
— Barry Green